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Episode 7 Pathways Of Education Part 2

You’re serious about music and you want to get better. What do you do? Go to college? Hit the road, play gigs, and slug it out? Teach yourself through a myriad of available online media? Maybe just take some lessons from your local teacher? Well, all of those are options and all of them can yield great results. Phil and Jon will tell you all about their experiences along with the benefits and pitfalls of each pathway of education. In part two of this series the guys discuss forgoing the route of higher education and getting pure, on-the-job experience. They talk about success with your own band, free-lancing with other groups, studio work, and simply teaching yourself. Finally the guys talk about a few of their favorite live albums that capture incredible drumming performances. Tune in every Monday for a new podcast and make sure you rate the show on Itunes or your favorite podcast app!

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