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Episode 12 Special Edition Malleable Grip And Hand Technique

Concepts on technique can be very polarizing. Everyone is an expert and everyone is correct. “Strict German grip with the level system is the only way to go!” “Forget that mess. Traditional grip using the Moeller technique is far superior.” ” Well, only if you’re a gimp. Real men, like Billy Cobham, use French grip exclusively.” See what I mean? In today’s show I discuss grip and hand technique from a very different standpoint. I believe that adhering to one, very strict grip and hand position is actually detrimental. Rather, every musical situation that you encounter can and should modify your technique to enhance the music and your performance. Volume, velocity, tempo, instrument height, instrument angle, surface hardness, fatigue, and more will affect your grip and technique. Please subscribe and join us every Monday for a brand show available on Itunes, Google Play Podcasts, Stitcher and your favorite podcast app!

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