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Episode 14 How Good Is Your Bad?

Even the best musician will have a bad night. However that does not necessarily mean you’re doomed to a bad performance. Even Buddy Rich had bad nights. There’s an infamous video of Buddy near the end of his life where he’s said to have had a heart attack right in the middle of an amazing solo! Now THAT’S a bad night. So our question to you is, “How good is your bad”? In other words, as a professional musician how can you to ensure that even your worst performance is better than an amateur player’s best performance? In this show Phil and Jon discuss some of the reasons that may cause you to have a bad gig. Then they talk about what some of those potential bad nights look like. After that the guys give you solutions and tips to help you avoid things that contribute to not being your best. They also discuss ways to survive bad gigs due to circumstances outside of your control. It’s time to build up some musical and technical ‘headroom’! Please subscribe to the show on your favorite podcast app or find us on ITunes, Google Play Podcasts, Podbean, or Stitcher. A new show is available every Monday!

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