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Episode 16 Getting Established – Self Promotion

Everybody’s doing it. Well, at least everyone has done it that’s had any modicum of success in the music business. What we’re discussing today is getting your career established in a new city. Whether you’re a young gun or a relocating veteran you’ll need some ideas. Phil and Jon cover wide ranging areas of discussion such as: modes and timeliness of communication, financial responsibility, low paying gigs, personal relationships, housing considerations, and the omnipresent and venerable ‘hang out’. Inside this discussion resides the shadowy topic of self-promotion. The guys discuss their feelings on effective and tasteful types of self-promotion versus inundating social media with gratuitous and self-serving posts. Finally the guys close out the show with a segment on must have gear. Join us every Monday for a brand new show! Subscribe today on Itunes, Google Play Podcasts, Stitcher, Podbean, and all of your favorite podcast apps.

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