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Episode 25 – Practice

To kick off a new year the Groovecast, much like everyone else, is in self-improvement mode. Everyone wants to be better, right? We can safely assume that everybody would like to improve their drumming as well as all the different facets of their life. To do this we need to practice. Seems logical, doesn’t it? Well, it’s easy to say and a no-brainer in the ‘duh’ department. However, having a specific goal and then consistently acquiring the motivation and determination to get there is easier said than done. Whether you’re starting out and the goals seem unattainable or you’re an accomplished musician wanting to attain a new level we all have to find the passion and discipline to reach the finish line. In this podcast Phil and Jon outline the desire to get better and then talk about the concepts and psychology behind practice and the different techniques (both physical and mental) it takes to stay interested, motivated, and ultimately satiated. Join us every Monday for a new episode. Subscribe today on Itunes, Google Play Podcasts, Stitcher, and all of your favorite podcast apps!

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