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Episode 37 – The Essence Of Time

In this week’s show we start with the Gretsch factory tour postmortem before answering listener questions. We also pay tribute to Chuck Berry and Sib Hashian due to their recent passing. Then we tackle the topic of the week, ‘Time’ and the perception that all musicians have of it. We discuss dealing with instrumentalists and vocalists who depend on drummers to correct their tempo mistakes while disregarding their own time feel. Other topics include: subbing with other bands and learning their time tendencies on the fly, helping rhythm section cohesiveness with click track and sequence coaching, perfecting count-ins, dealing with out of time scratch tracks during recording sessions, and solo musicians’ tendency to play songs significantly faster than original recordings. During the final segment we each pick and underrated drummer. Don’t forget to enter our first contest giveaway. Simply go the show’s page in Itunes and leave us a short, written review to enter. Join us every Monday for a brand new show. We’re available on Itunes, Google Play Podcasts, Stitcher, Podbean, and all of your favorite podcast apps. Subscribe today!

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