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Episode 47 – Church Music Environment with Mike O’Brien

Rampant thoughts and misnomers abound when it comes to performing in churches. In this episode our guest, Mike O’Brien, crushes preconceived notions and tells it like it is regarding the musician’s role in today’s church. Mike is a professional worship leader, producer, guitarist, and worship team coach. He details what is expected from drummers that he hires and likewise tells us what we should ask for and how to ask for it when approached by worship leaders. He also compares and contrasts the secular world of gigging to the church world of serving. There’s so much in this one episode that if you’ve ever wondered what it was like inside the world of church musicianship then you need to hear the straight truth from someone at the highest level of the craft. Finally we are conducting a brand new giveaway! In honor of our one year anniversary we will be drawing two lucky winners on Facebook Live! First prize is a 10″ original Monk Drum from the Monk Drum company. Second prize is a set of Monk Drum bongos. Please go to for pictures, videos, sound samples, and further information. To register for the contest simply go into Itunes and leave a written review on the Drummer’s Weekly Groovecast show page. We publish new shows every Monday so please subscribe today! We’re available on Itunes, Google Play Podcasts, Stitcher, Podbean, and all of your favorite podcast apps!

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