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Episode 60 – Interview – Jack Bell Part 2

This week we welcome back master percussionist, Jack Bell, for part two of our exclusive interview. This week we spend time on his lengthy and storied teaching career. Areas covered are: his move to Atlanta and initial job teaching the choral department at a local high school, developing his private percussion teaching studio, being approached to create the percussion department at Georgia State, the ascension of the GSU percussion program, the successful students enrolled, and his various teaching methods including the different interpretation of the Wilcoxin rudimental method. We finish off the show by putting Jack through the rigors of the DWG Rorschach Test!

Make sure you visit Jack Bell’s personal web site:
At this site Jack has compiled and incredible amount of invaluable information for all percussionists including detailed biographical, educational, and performance material. Jack also has a series of videos available that highlight his instructional methods as well as his performance. Please check out his rudimental video demonstration:

Rudiment video:

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