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Episode 62 – Generational Icons

I bet you think we’re going to wax poetic on the greatest drummers of all time, right? WRONG! Instead we’re going to discuss the influences and pressures that all of us face trying to learn their vocabulary and ultimately trying to perform like them. The show starts with us listing several different generations of icons and the ‘babies’ that were born from their influence. We talk about the importance of realizing your own goals and abilities and how those don’t usually line up with generational greats. We also cover how instrument manufacturers subtlety add to the issue by making ‘signature gear’ that we ‘must buy’. Likewise publishing companies flood the market with method books and media that help you in your quest to learn the current styles of the day. We finish up the show with a segment on underrated drummers. Please stop by Itunes and leave us a short, written review. We’d greatly appreciate it. You can find the show at Itunes, Google Play Podcasts, Stitcher, Podbean, and everywhere you listen to your favorite podcasts. New shows are available every Monday. Subscribe today!

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