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Mini – Episode 1 – Smitty’s Delight

Mini – Episode 1 – Smitty’s Delight

Welcome to “Accountability Thursday” Mini-Episode 1! On the first and third Thursday’s of every month we’ll practice together using a classic rudimental solo. We’re going to ease into the new year with something short and sweet. For our inaugural edition we’ll work on “Smitty’s Delight” from the NARD drum solo book. There’s nothing terribly difficult or unique about this solo however be careful with the 15 stroke rolls at the start of the second half of the solo! Make sure you practice playing this 15 stroke roll correctly by subdividing it over the dotted quarter note (resist the temptation to play a 13)! Remember to play cleanly and observe dynamics. For traditional, rudimental solos the default dynamic level is forte with accents played double forte if no dynamic markings are given (which is the case with this solo). Past that this solo is very traditional and feels great to play! Have fun and swing by YouTube to see me play this solo.

YouTube link:

Lastly, we’re working on these as a group and we’d love to see your progress. Feel free to post your own videos playing these solos on social media and make sure you tag us in it!

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