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Episode 80 – Natural Talent Vs Hard Work Featuring The DWG Advisory Board

This week we conduct our first ever show with the Drummer’s Weekly Groovecast Advisory Board. Joining us in studio is prior guest and legendary performer/educator, Jack Bell. Joining us remotely are past guests: Joel Rosenblatt, Tom Brechtlein, and Ryan Brown. The topic we tackle this episode is the teacher’s inclination on whether you prefer a student with lots of natural talent (and below average work ethic) versus a student with below average talent and a high work ethic. We also give our self evaluations of how we perceived ourselves as students. If you haven’t heard the past episodes that feature Tom, Joel, Ryan and Jack please go back and give them a listen. You can also visit their respective web sites.

Jack Bell:
Joel Rosenblatt:
Tom Brechtlein:
Ryan Brown:

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