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Mini-Episode 3 – Three Camps

Mini-Episode 3 – Three Camps

We’re back with a new edition of “Accountability Thursday”. This time around we’ll be doing something a tad different. We’re going to balance this week’s exercise by giving you something easy and fun to play but we want you to memorize it! It may sound difficult but it’s really a peach to play. We’ll tackle the super traditional solo, “Three Camps” and break it down into bite sized chunks. Threes are wild this week so inside of this solo we’re only using three primary rudiments: five stroke roll, ten stroke roll, and eleven stroke roll. On top of that there are only three main phrases that make up the entire solo! So let’s get busy by brushing up on your rolls and putting that steel trap memory to work. Aside from the audio description of what we’re doing there’s a corresponding video where you can see and hear the solo at performance tempo.

Click this YouTube link to see “Three Camps” sheet music and performance video.

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