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Episode 82 – The Business Side – Contracting Gigs

The phone rings. Someone is asking you about booking your band. Do you gracefully pass that task to someone else or start conducting business? In this episode we encourage you to put on your business suit and go to work.
Unless you have an exclusive booking agent contracting work is something we should all be comfortable with. However, if you’ve never done it before the contracts, riders, communication, timeliness, and incredible amounts of detail are daunting!
In this show we discuss what we’ve learned over the years of doing good and bad gigs. There are many positive things to booking your own band. Working with your friends, getting the treatment you like, and simply making a bit of extra money are just a few of the benefits.
In addition we talk about what to include in your contract, money negotiations, overtime, deposits, balances, insurance, and much more. Then we discuss the ever important rider. If you don’t ask. You won’t receive! Make sure your rider is detailed so that it can be properly fulfilled. Ask for specific food, drinks, dressing rooms, and other special requirements. Tune in and get hip to the business aspect of booking gigs.
Finally, we finish up with another edition of the DWG Garage! Jon talks about the problem of restoring rusty hardware. Put on your work gloves and let’s get to it!

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