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Mini-Episode 4 – Old Tin Can

Mini-Episode 4 – Old Tin Can

Happy Thursday to all! This time around we are working on a great rudimental solo by the legendary author, George Lawrence Stone. The solo we’ll be practicing is once again found in the NARD book and is titled, “Old Tin Can”. This is another short, catchy, traditional solo. However there are a few twists and turns in this compact little ditty that will keep your concentration on point! As with many rudimental solos the introductory roll off should be interpreted as a seven stroke ternary roll. However at faster tempos it may make more sense to play it as a five stroke roll. Moving forward there are numerous times where alternating 8th notes flams are switched to flam taps. Likewise he tricks us by writing flamacues subsequently leaving off the flams (while retaining the accent structure) the next time around. Also be aware of dynamic changes and accents throughout the solo. They are paramount to achieving a great feeling, funky solo. After you get this solo under your hands don’t forget to post your own video on the social media platform of your choice. Please tag the show in your video’s description! Now head over to YouTube to get a look at the sheet music and see a performance of “Old Tin Can”.

Here’s the YouTube link to see “Old Tin Can” sheet music and performance video:

Here is another video of “Old Tin Can” performed by NARD president, Mark Beecher:

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