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Episode 86 – The Pedal Show

Episode 86 – The Pedal Show

Aside from bringing you the best in topical musical discussion and interviews we also like to give you our ideas on our favorite gear. Once again we work our way around the kit and land on another piece of very personal equipment – the bass drum pedal. In this episode Phil and Jon talk about their personal favorites, their shortcomings, preferred beaters, and pedal setup. Before we do that though we cover the night that was the Jeff Porcaro Tribute at the Vista Room in Atlanta, GA.

The Drummer’s Weekly Groovecast was fortunate to help sponsor the inaugural tribute along with the help of our friends at Regal Tip sticks and brushes. Phil and Jon discuss the incredible attendance especially considering it was a Monday night. We also talked about the electricity of the event and its overwhelming feel of brotherhood. Scroll to the bottom of the show notes for video links to check out parts of the show.

The topic of the day is our favorite kick pedals. Phil and Jon give their thoughts on what makes a pedal their choice along with the pedal’s different adjustments and attachments. As with everything there are naturally a few drawbacks to each pedal and the guys talk about those as well.

We discuss our favorite accessory bass drum beaters as well. We go over wood, wool, plastic, and dual beater heads. We finish up our discussion with setting up pedals for feel and ergonomic stability.

Finally we finish up with a gear recommendation segment. In this episode Phil recommends a recording plug-in and Jon a drummer’s swiss army knife.

Phils gear recommendation click here.
Jon’s gear recommednation click here.

Links to view the Porcaro tribute:

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