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Episode 87 – Studio Clean Featuring Scott Meeder

In this episode we once again welcome the wonderful, Scott Meeder, to Groovecast studios. Phil and Jon talk with one of their favorite musicians about the intangibles that make a great studio drummer a rare commodity. We forgo traditional studio questions (gear, tuning, etc.) in lieu of discussion regarding the subtleties and intuitive aspects that all great studio musicians possess.

The groundwork for the conversation begins with studio generalities. With the advance of technology there are innumerable ways to record. We talk about recording with a rhythm section, laying individual tracks, looping, and editing. Scott then talks about his preferences and how it allows him to use his studio wisdom to create and record great parts.

We then discuss what occurs during the first playback of a take. Does a great studio player already know what it’s going to sound like? Or is the first take experimentation? Do you use tried and true methods or do you take some liberties hoping to catch magic? The topic of ending phrases with common drum fills is then addressed. We then talk about building songs progressively without relying on the same phrases and fills.

The concept of personal tendencies when recording is then addressed. If you already know that you have issues with a certain style or feel do you automatically compensate (without overcompensating)? How do you do that and still stay present and true to yourself?

The topic of recording with click tracks and sequences is then addressed. We discuss preferred tones, subdivisions, and headphone mixes.

Finally we go through general studio preferences and performance practices such as: consistency of tones, articulations of fills, rimshots on backbeats, and preferences of sound characteristics of rooms.

If you haven’t heard our interview with Scott (from back in the Fall of 2016) you can check it out here:

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