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Mini-Episode 7 – The Nutmeg Two-Four

Mini-Episode 7 – The Nutmeg Two-Four

For this episode of Accountability Thursday we are back in the NARD solos book. This time we’re working on “The Nutmeg Two-Four”. This solo is mostly straight forward however I’ve chosen it for one particular reason.

The first thing to be aware of is that there is a performance note included at the bottom of the sheet music. The author is very specific to let us know that regardless of omitted stickings we are to play this solo with alternating stickings (hand to hand). With this in mind we need to concentrate on alternating the strokes even in places where we’d normally play paradiddles such as the second line, third measure. Also take note of the dotted quarter rolls at the beginning of the second half of the solo. We’ll interpret these as alternating 13 stroke rolls – not the 15 strokes as in previous solos. Thus we’ll be able to alternate those rolls as well.

To finish up, as with our other solos in this series we’ll interpret all the 8th note rolls as ternary seven stroke rolls. Always interpret rudimental 8th note rolls as ternary sevens unless the stickings are notated otherwise or the tempo is prohibitive.

Make sure to practice and post your videos of this solo on our social media. When you do that make sure you tag the show in your description.

To view the sheet music of “The Nutmeg Two-Four” and see a performance of the solo click here to be taken to our YouTube video.

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