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Episode 92 – Stories Of Imposter Syndrome

Episode 92 – Stories of Imposter Syndrome

As creative individuals many of us are sensitive, sentient people. That very trait gives us an ability to speak on our instrument in a way that our voice sometimes lacks. The negative side to that sensitivity can sometimes lead to a lack of confidence, lack of competitive drive, or inability to recognize our own accomplishments. If you then factor in the anxiety of being exposed as a fraud or musical dilettante you then have the archetypal recipe for Imposter Syndrome (sometimes referred to as Charlatan’s Syndrome). In this show Phil and Jon tell their own personal accounts of imposter syndrome and the ways they overcame those scenarios. We discuss studio sessions, live performances, and academic situations where we both encountered this issue.

Also on the docket is the rehash of the Steve Gadd tribute. We go over the show itself and ultimate hang that it has become. We give shout outs to the folks and companies who participated as well as the new friends that we met.

We finish up the show with another installment of the DWG Garage. This time around Jon has major advice for people working on or refurbishing Gretsch drums. One of the major problems with disassembling Gretsch drums is the finicky nature of their self tapping lugs. If you don’t know what you’re doing you’re setting yourself up for a costly and time consuming repair. Give this segment an attentive listen before you start removing Gretsch lugs!

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