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Episode 93 – The Vegas Show Featuring Joseph Patrick Moore

In the music business we generally point to three industry hot spots in the US: New York, Nashville, and Los Angeles. There are a host of the next tier cities that include Boston, Miami, Chicago, Atlanta, San Francisco, etc. However many forget that at one time Las Vegas was a major destination for many working musicians. What happened? Was it the introduction of electronics? Was it the replacing of musicians with tracks? What about the general decline in live and recorded music? Many have said that since Las Vegas reinvented itself as a family vacation destination that it ruined the music scene. Or is all of that wrong?

In this episode Phil sits down with his long time friend Joseph Patrick Moore for an up to date look at the Las Vegas music scene. Phil and Joseph have traveled together and played thousands of gigs in their thirty year relationship. However last year Moore relocated to Las Vegas and has established himself inside the Vegas music community. Before we tackle the gig scene we catch up and discuss a few stories from back in the day (trust me, no one suffered long term effects from that first tale). We then talk about the quality of life, the affordability of Vegas, other choices of relocation areas, and how Las Vegas compares to other large cities.

When it comes to work we discuss the current state of big Las Vegas resident shows (Celine Dion, Bette Midler, etc) and how it affects the local musicians. Moore also gives details about his interactions, auditions, and ultimate hiring by Cirque Du Soleil as a resident artist for the show, KA. He also gives us his insights on everything from corporate gigs, hotel, lounge, and casino work.

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