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Episode 94 – Trust The Process And Take Your Time

Episode 94 – Trust The Process and Take Your Time

There are aspects of life and music that simply take patience and time. Often we are blinded by the plethora of helpful videos and internet information available to us. Yet the subtle message we receive is that with the surplus of details and opinions at our fingertips we should learn this sought after information quickly and easily since everyone can already do it. Not so fast. Even with the best instructional examples obtainable you’ll discover it’s doubtful that the original poster/author divulges how long it took them to master this lesson. The art of patient persistence is something that should be included in all of these online instructional videos.

In this episode Phil and Jon talk about taking your time while embracing and trusting the process of learning. Some of the topics they cover are: learning the basics at an early age, partial learning of material and lack of musical depth, trying to learn advanced concepts and techniques without mastery of earlier foundational material, and simultaneously working on too many methods at once. We also broach the topic of rushing and forcing personal relationships in order to gain higher social, educational, and work status.

We finish off the show with each host picking a great underrated drum track.
Jon picked: “Dream Weaver” by Gary Wright with Jim Keltner on drums.
Phil picked: “Boulevard” by Jackson Browne with Rick Marotta on drums.

One last note. We misspoke regarding John Beck. Mr. Beck is the long time percussionist of the Rochester Philharmonic and legendary instructor at the Eastman School of Music.

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