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Mini-Episode 10 – Old Drum

Mini-Episode 10 – Old Drum

Welcome back for another edition of Accountability Thursday, mini-episode number ten. This time we’ll be working on another solo from the NARD book entitled, Old Drum. This is a longer piece than many of the traditional solos found in this book so aside from working your chops it will also be a challenge to your concentration as well.

The first things to notice when preparing this solo are the ‘X’s’ above certain notes along with the author’s performance instructions. Whenever you see the ‘X’ you will strike your left stick with the right stick. Both sticks should be off the drum when doing this. This is not a ‘stick shot’ where the left stick would be pressed into the drum head. Rather both sticks will be off the drum with this technique being a device of showmanship as much as a musical technique.

This solo has two distinct parts. The first half is divided into two sections that focus on duple metered flam rudiments. Be sure to have your flamacues and flam taps in good shape while working on this. The second half is also divided into two sections. These two sections concentrate on ternary rhythms and drag rudiments. Ratamacues are featured in this second half.

Make sure you visit this link to see the YouTube video.
You’ll be able to view the sheet music as well as see a performance of “Old Drum”.

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