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Mini-Episode 11 – Trip-It

Mini-Episode 11 – Trip-It

As we move into the month June and close in our 100th feature episode we continue pushing forward in the NARD book. This Thursday we’ll be looking at the solo, “Trip-It”. It’ll be our second solo composed in six-eight hence the solo’s name. Like most of our traditional rudimental solos this piece is felt in two but with a triplet undercurrent. Another facet of this solo that lends to its name is the author’s use of triplets in the second half.

One thing to watch out for is his use of triplets leading into paradiddles at the end of the third and fourth lines. In both cases he uses the triplet to turnaround the stickings forcing us to play three notes on one hand. That sticking is crucial to the feel and execution of the rudiments that follow those measures. Also pay particularly close attention to the crescendos that occur in the second half. They add texture and excitement to the solo since there are no other dynamic markings written aside from accents. Lastly, play the accented triplet rhythms (at the start of the fifth line and in the penultimate measure) with alternating stickings. Don’t drag!

Make sure you visit this link to see the YouTube video.
You’ll be able to view the sheet music as well as see a performance of “Trip-It”.

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