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Mini-Episode 12 – Flip-It

For this mini-episode of ‘Accountability Thursday’ we’ll take a look at the companion piece to last week’s show solo “Trip-It”. “Flip-It” authored by Herman Wiegman is a traditional solo written in two-four with a couple interesting twists.

At the start of the solo we roll off with a traditional, ternary seven stroke roll. However when we get to the first ending and prepare for the repeat we notice there’s no seven stroke roll! This can be interpreted literally where upon repeat we’d play a single stroke on the downbeat of the first bar. However I took the liberty to ‘correct’ what could be a misprint and played the traditional seven stroke roll that would finish the first ending and lead back to the top (like the introductory roll off). Ultimately do whatever feels best for yourself but always remember that certain interpretation liberties can be used on these old solos.

The next interesting twist is found at the beginning of the second half of the solo. The author writes the Lesson 25 rudiment three times in a row but forces us to alternate the rhythm when it is traditionally played all on one hand. Again practice these stickings exactly as written since they affect everything that is played afterward.

Finally in the last two measures the author writes two separate sets of sixteenth note triplets that are connected with binary sixteenth notes. Play the binary sixteenth notes as a right handed paradiddle so that it will ‘flip’ the second set of sixteenth note triplets to lead with the left hand.

Make sure you visit this link to see the YouTube video:
You’ll be able to view the sheet music as well as see a performance of “Flip-It”.

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