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Episode 102 – Surviving Outdoor Gig Season

Episode 102 – Surviving Outdoor Gig Season

Every year professional musicians brace themselves from April to October. That six to seven month span encompasses outdoor gig season. In this episode we welcome David Freeman, saxophonist/keyboardist of the Yacht Rock Revue, to the show. He’s a long time, power listener and part time drummer. In his decades of performance experience Dave has had hundreds of performances during shed season.

Aside from giving our personal stories about perfect outdoor gigs versus nightmare outdoor gigs Phil and Dave give a host of practical tips that will prepare you for anything that comes your way.

We spend some time talking about listing and packing specialized equipment that will protect your gear and survive the rigors of the elements. In particular we talk about several different ways to protect your electronics from rain, humidity, and moisture. We give tips about self-preservation including different items to bring for personal comfort (insect repellent, sun block, cooling towels, etc.). We then cover the best and lightest ways to load and transport gear to keep you as fresh as possible during times of oppressive heat.

If you have ever considered contracting outdoor events there are many aspects that differ from traditional, indoor gigs. Dave and Phil run through a list of requests that are mandatory when considering an outdoor gig. We cover everything from staging, to food and beverage needs, to case storage and miscellaneous rider inclusions. Finally we give you practical, on-the-job tips that can make a potentially bad situation tolerable if not enjoyable!

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