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Episode 103 – The Adler Technique with Ted Mackenzie

For this episode we welcome back to the show author/educator/performer, Ted Mackenzie. In a previous show Ted spoke about his relationship with master teacher, Henry Adler, and how his knowledge of Adler’s method led to him to be chosen to revise the popular book, “Buddy Rich’s Modern Interpretation of Snare Drum Rudiments”. In that show we discussed how he revised the book, his lessons with Adler, the publication process, and his companion methods that followed.

Listener response to that particular show was tremendous. However there were several listeners who wished that we had discussed the actual Adler method and how it is applied to the book. We do just that in this show. Ted takes the time to discuss Adler’s thoughts on grip (both matched and traditional), stroke motion, stroke heights, accepting the rebound, accents, non-bounce vs bounce strokes, wagging the brush, and more. Here you’ll get the ‘flyover’ concept of Henry Adler’s famous method.

We also touch on how the Adler technique relates to other popular methods such as Moeller and Gladstone. We also discuss why the Adler method is not quite as prevalent as other techniques due to its perceived difficulty and depth of study. He also mentions a few teachers that he knows are qualified to teach the Adler method.

Aside from Buddy here are few of Adler’s higher profile students: Ed Shaughnessy, Louide Bellson, Charlie Perry, Sonny Igoe, Sonny Payne, Kenny Clare, Jack Sperling, Bobby Morris, Alvin Stoller, and Doug Allen.

To see Ted explain and demonstrate some of the Adler concepts click on the links below. There you’ll be taken to Ted’s web site, his Amazon store, and video links for visual demonstration.

Ted’s website:

Resistance training:

Development of Hands and Wrists:

Traditional Grip (Bounce):

Ted’s Amazon page:

Ted is also aware of three instructors that are qualified to teach the Adler Method. These teachers are: Nat Oliveri in North Carolina, Walt Heitner in Long Island, NY, and Christopher in Shaw in England. Contact Ted via his website for direct contact information to these teachers.

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