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Episode 104 – The Two Year Anniversary Show

This week’s show is dedicated to our listeners! Episode 104 officially marks the two year anniversary of the podcast and we celebrate with news, listener questions, two year statistics, favorite guests, favorite show moments, and more.

We start the episode with Phil and Jon discussing the benefits of hosting the show by recently being invited to two major concert events. We then tackle a few listener questions. If you’ve ever experienced what you believe is carpal tunnel symptoms make sure you listen closely. We also cover the nebulous topic of shuffle differentiation. In particular we answer the question: “What is the difference between the Texas Shuffle and the Chicago Shuffle”?

We then give our appreciation to the listeners who’ve supported the show for the past two years. We talk about the continual growth of the show and then play a ‘stats game’. We go over podcast stats for several topics including: the most listened to show, top countries who listen, top non-English speaking countries, top US states, top US cities, top referring web sites, and much more.

During the past two years we’ve experienced some memorable shows and guests. Phil and Jon reflect back to the creation of the show and ultimately how it led to their first episode, “Stage Bullies”. They discuss how that initial topic resonated with many people and ultimately established their listener base from the beginning. The topic of favorite guests is then addressed. We go over our first interview, road trips, our first remote interview, the creation of the advisory board, and ultimately the lasting friendships that have resulted from this podcast.

Special thanks once again goes to everyone who has ever listened to the show. It means more to us than you’ll ever know. If you haven’t left a review for the show please swing by our page in Itunes and leave us a short review. It helps us tremendously. If you’d like to listen to any back episodes, view our videos, visit our social media, or get in touch with us go to our website at:

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