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Episode 109 – Jazz Vs. Rock Mindset Featuring Marlon Patton

Episode 109 – Jazz vs. Rock Mindset Featuring Marlon Patton

“Yeah he’s a great drummer, but he’s a jazz player.” I’d be willing to bet that sometime during a conversation you’ve heard a similar comment. What does that even mean? And more importantly what’s the rationale for saying that? It’s obviously a reference to the musical approach of the jazz player and how he’d be inappropriate for a particular job. It’s certainly no secret that many musicians devote the majority of their time to one particular musical style. That devotion however can lead to neglect and the superimposition of the preferred style while playing another genre. That’s not good. However, instead of a sweeping generalization what particular aspects of his approach make him suitable for jazz but not for rock?

In this episode we welcome Marlon Patton to the show as we dissect and examine the differences between the jazz and rock mindset. What makes up the mentality of a great jazz or rock musician? We take the topics of touch, gear, independence, feel, groove construction, song structure, and gig preparation to dig deep into what makes the approach different between the two styles.

We also spend a few minutes talking about the start of the new season while reviewing a few listener emails.

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