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Episode 114 – Season Two DWG Advisory Board

Episode 114 – Season Two DWG Advisory Board

We are back again with our illustrious panelists from the Drummer’s Weekly Groovecast Advisory Board. With the success from the last episode featuring the advisory board we knew it was a must for the second season. For this show’s topic we have employed a few past board members and welcome a few new faces to the panel. Please welcome Rod Morgenstein, Chris Fryar, Tom Brechtlein, Joel Rosenblatt, and Ted Mackenzie to this session’s advisory board.

This time around we pose the question, “What important aspect do you believe is missing or should be done better in music education?” Each guest gives their answer and we discuss our own thoughts on what might be beneficial to modern students in today’s current and future music business. We analyze different topics such as: curriculum, application, concepts, student accountability, methods, technology, and much more.

If you haven’t heard the previous episodes featuring interviews with our panel members you listen to them by following the links below:

Rod Morgenstein: Rod’s interview – You can also visit Rod’s web site at:

Tom Brechtlein: Tom’s interview – You can also visit Tom’s web site at:

Chris Fryar: Chris’s interview – You can visit Chris’ web site at:

Joel Rosenblatt: Joel’s interview – You can visit Joel’s web site at:

Ted Mackenzie: Ted’s interview – You can also visit Ted’s web site at:

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