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Episode 121 – The Business Of Home Recording With Sean O’Rourke

As we reach the midway point of season three, we dig into the mail bag for our topic this week. A while back we received listener email requesting a show that focused on the business of home recording. Immediately Jon and I knew this would be the perfect show to include a third mic guest. There’s no one better to fill that spot than our mutual friend, recording ace, and Nashville denizen, Sean O’Rourke. Sean has performed with some of the music industry’s biggest names. A partial list includes: Sugarland, Aquarium Rescue Unit, Mother’s Finest, Derek Trucks, Jerry Ragavoy, Oteil Burbridge, and Arrested Development.

In this episode we call upon Sean’s 20+ years of traditional studio and in-home recording experience to answer some questions. We cover what gear it takes to make a basic home studio functional along with upgrades that may make a big difference. Sean talks about the importance of signal path, the different room treatments he’s experimented with and what works best for recording drums. We then discuss dealing with clients, what materials they should provide, charts, cues, and session set up. We then talk about finishing the session, getting the tracks approved, different audio formats, delivering the tracks, and getting paid. Finally we discuss the proliferation of online studio musicians and what you can do to help separate yourself from the pack.

Check out Sean and his studio by visiting his site at:

Sean also has a YouTube channel:

Here is Sean’s Soundcloud account:

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