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Episode 125 – Season Three Listener Mail, Concepts And Explanations

As we moved through the third season, the show saw unparalleled growth. With that growth we received more email and social media messages and comments. In this episode Phil goes through some of the most common questions and comments with answers, concepts, and explanations.

We cover the questions and topics:
1) You’re only as good of a drum set player as you are a snare drummer
2) Speed is one of the easiest things to accomplish and seldom needs to be practiced
3) Because you can play your high school’s halftime show doesn’t mean you can play the instrument
4) Playing with a metronome doesn’t intrinsically help you keep better time or play with better feel
5) Music school is not for everyone. But, how do you know?
6) Many students lack curiosity and the spirit of investigation.

Here is a list of the music included in this show.

1) Billy Cobham – Crosswinds Album
2) Ralph Towner – Waterwheel – from the album, Batik
3) Tony Williams Lifetime – Snake Oil – from the album, Believe It
4) The Griffith Park Collection – L’s Bop – from the album, Griffith Park Collection
5) Canticum Canticorum Salomonis – Krzysztof Penderecki
6) Pat Metheny – Every Day I Thank You – from the album, 80/81

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