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Episode 127 – Hiatus Breaker Featuring The Crash And Ride Podcast

Episode 127 – Hiatus Breaker featuring the Crash and Ride Podcast

As we languish through the summer we temporarily break our hiatus by posting a pop show. Late last winter I appeared on a new podcast that deals with musicians who suffer from anxiety, depression, PTSD and other psychological issues, the Crash and Ride Podcast. The host and Groovecast power listener, Patrick Ferguson, has done a tremendous job highlighting an incredibly underrepresented topic that affects quite a large number of musicians. In this episode he and I discuss the different aspects of chronic, long-term anxiety and how it touches every part of your life. As musicians we elaborate on how anxiety can sometimes drive us toward music as well as how the disorder affects the music perform. We each talk about our personal battles and give ideas for real, lasting solutions to help mitigate the suffering.

Please visit Patrick and the Crash and Ride Podcast by visiting his site:

Patrick was recently awarded a $5,000 grant for his great work creating this show. Please support him!

The Drummer’s Weekly Groovecast is still in hibernation but we are presently working on new shows for the upcoming season. Please stay subscribed and keep and eye on our social media. We’ll slowly start powering up over the next few weeks with a formal announcement of season four’s start date. In the meantime…

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