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Episode 128 – Season Four Premiere – Comparison Is The Thief Of Joy

The boys are back from the summer hiatus with a new season of shows. We start this premiere episode by discussing summer gigs, travel, teaching, and vacations. We then break open the mail bag and address our correspondence with new and longtime listeners. We also discuss two new companies started by drummers who listen to our show. Please check out Ryan’s new product for wrist support and compression, Wrist Grips: There is also a drum-less play-along app created by Damani (from the Drum Coaches) entitled, Drum Trax. This free app is available on Android and Apple platforms so visit the online store of your choice to download it.

The main topic of discussion for this show is the growing amount of envy, anger, and depression we see emanating from direct comparison to others on social media. We talk about what happens when we see someone who posts about an abundance of gigs, gets a new piece of gear, or flaunts their new car or home. We then offer our own suggestions about how you get past this issue and subsequently avoid it in the future.

We finish up by revisiting our segment on great, underrated drummers. This time around Phil picks English session drummer, Henry Spinetti. Henry can be found on a host of major releases but is most known for his work with Eric Clapton and Gerry Rafferty. Jon picks New York session great, Alan Schwartzberg. During the 70s and 80s Alan was as busy as anyone on the scene including dates with: Kiss, Donna Summer, Tony Orlando and Dawn as well as hundreds of commercials and jingles.

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