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Episode 129 – Interview – Steve Smith

Episode 129 – Interview – Steve Smith

This week we welcome legendary drummer, Steve Smith, to the Groovecast for the first interview of the fourth season. Steve was gracious enough to speak with us just before a series of dates with Journey that culminates in a three-week residency at Caesar’s Palace in Las Vegas, Nevada. Steve will also be showing his artwork (at Carnavale Gallery at Caesar’s Palace) during this residency. If you are in Las Vegas and would like to see Steve’s art work and meet him in person please RSVP using the form found on Steve’s web site (link below).

During this show we discuss many things including: the differences between playing with Journey today vs. 40 years ago, the difference in touring with Journey vs. Vital Information, his legendary practice routine, his orthopedic hand issues leading to his development of matched grip and the creation of ‘Pathways of Motion’, his yoga practice and how it helps with touring and performing, his Berklee experience with Gary Chaffee and Alan Dawson, meeting Vinnie Colaiuta at Berklee and their long relationship, the abundance of talent at Berklee and enjoying the classroom experience, and finally the requisite sashay through the maze that is the Drummer’s Weekly Groovecast, Rorschach Test!

As mentioned during the show if you’d like to visit Steve online his personal website is:

You can also visit Journey’s web site and view their tour itinerary to see Steve when he’s in your town:

Lastly, in the spirit of transparency, I would like to mention that this episode was fraught with technical audio issues. I discuss, in detail, what happened the day of the interview but if you’re reading this prior to listening, do yourself a favor and use headphones for this show. We pride ourselves on great audio quality but due to circumstances beyond our control, our normal standards of fidelity are not up to par on this episode. That being said, I believe you’ll find the quality of the content to be very good.

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