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Episode 130 – Musician Finances, Taxes, And Money

Episode 130 – Musician Finances, Taxes, and Money

We begin the show with a quick callback to our season four premiere and then talk about social media issues. Ultimately there has been a bit of confusion regarding listeners following the wrong account on Instagram. Phil and the podcast only have one Instagram account. You can follow the show by using the Instagram account name, Drummers Weekly Groovecast.

Dealing with money responsibly is difficult for many people but it seems endemic for the creatives found in the music business. It’s a story that’s been told over and over again. It’s either the tale of the starving artist or the musician that’s done well only to lose it all through bad decisions. In this episode we talk about being smart with your money. We cover topics such as: student loans, filing income taxes, learning deductions, keeping records, investing, planning for retirement, frivolous spending, and substance abuse.

We finish up the show with a segment on must-have gear. Jon starts by recommending the Tama version of lug locks called, Tama Tension Locks. This product completely eliminates issues with varying distances between different brands’ tension rod holes and the hoop itself. Phil’s pick is the DrumNBass Hoop Protect 180. This product protects the top and bottom sides of your bass drum hoop while allowing your pedal to comfortably grip the drum and eliminate slide.

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