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Episode 75 – Interview – Dr. Howard Schubiner MD – Curing Chronic Pain

Episode 75 – Interview – Dr. Howard Schubiner MD – Curing Chronic Pain

Many musicians suffer from some type of chronic pain. Unfortunately this pain normally threatens the comfort (if not the viability) of your performance. And we haven’t even begun to include your basic quality of life! If you or someone you know is affected by chronic pain then this episode is an absolute must-listen. Dr. Howard Schubiner is one of the foremost authorities on chronic pain and his techniques are not only groundbreaking but also drug free. In this special episode he spoke to us from his home to outline how he diagnoses and treats chronic pain and how musicians make up a large part of his client base. I sincerely hope that everyone finds value in the episode. If you are currently dealing with pain I implore you to listen and do your research into Dr. Schubiner’s techniques. His treatment plans and success rates are turning heads throughout the world of medicine. I used to suffer from chronic neck, shoulder, and arm pain. Dr. Schubiner was instrumental in educating me and ultimately freeing me from nearly three years of debilitating pain.

To get more information about Dr. Schubiner please visit his web site at At this site you can read more about his practice, buy his books, and communicate directly with him.

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