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Episode 105 – Stage Bullies Rebroadcast

Episode 105 – Stage Bullies Rebroadcast

Two years ago we ventured into the podcast arena with a topic that resonated with thousands of musicians. This week we revisit the original episode that started it all.

Stage bullies come in all shapes, sizes, and volumes! Some musician bullies like to exercise their control when in leadership positions. Others are micro managers and like to dictate everything you play and do. Some leaders are nervous, snippy yellers who don’t know how to deal with high pressure situations. You may also run into the ego maniac who likes to demean others and force his will onto the music and everyone at the gig. Conversely you may run into the brooding, passive aggressive player who sneers and gives condescending looks or comments. Those types of ‘stage bullies’ are only the most common! There are a myriad of others. Let us help you deal with them. If you haven’t heard this original broadcast give it a listen. If you have heard it, check it out again. In this inaugural episode Phil and Jon sit down and discuss this negative aspect of performing by relating their own experiences and how they got past the problems.

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