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Episode 124 – Interview – Rob Knopper – Metropolitan Opera Orchestra

Episode 124 – Interview – Rob Knopper – Metropolitan Opera Orchestra

Obsession is generally considered a personality flaw. However, there are times when it proves beneficial if focused on a career goal. As musicians it seems logical that having some type of obsessive personality trait would be beneficial when it comes to studying and practicing our craft. Enter this week’s guest, Rob Knopper of the Metropolitan Opera Orchestra, a self-professed obsessive musician (and prog rock officianado).

We were due to hear from the concert side of our discipline and Rob does not disappoint. Aside from having a gig in one of the world’s top orchestras Rob is known for his expertise on snare drum. We pick his brain about: technique, practice, methods, concert snare setup, tuning, and more. Rob is also one of the foremost experts on French percussion author, Jacques Delecluse. Aside from discussing Delecluse and his method we take a solo from Douze Etudes and discuss its general aspects as well as hit the hot spots breaking down rolls, stickings, and more.

Rob is also known for expertise with auditions. Part of his teaching studio focuses on helping musicians prepare for and demystify auditions. We talk about his various auditions, what he learned from them and how it led to his successful audition with the Met. Finally, we take a furious pace through the classical edition of the DWG Rorschach Test!

As mentioned in the episode Rob has a website where you can contact him and shop for the various products we talked about during the show. You can visit his site by clicking here.

Rob’s YouTube channel can be found here.

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