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Episode 117 – Season Three Premiere – Positive Motivation

Episode 117 – Season Three Premiere – Positive Motivation

After a long winter’s nap Phil and Jon make their return to the Groovecast studios. In what is becoming a recurrent tradition they reveal the season three theme and discuss the clips therein. We then spend some time catching up from the past few months discussing new gigs and opportunities. We also pay our respects to the great Hal Blaine. We then talk about social media etiquette and how to contact us to be better connected.

Our topic to start season three is positive forms of motivation and its long-lasting benefits. We each explain how this type of motivation is the polar opposite of ‘stage bullying’ and negative commentary. Sometimes you receive the motivation from a teacher. Sometimes it can be a fellow musician. It can also be discovered in forms of self-realization. Each host then describes how different real-world scenarios of positive motivation enhanced the situation they were in. They also recount how these styles of motivation stayed with them and how they are used currently.

We finish out the premiere episode by making a visit to the Drummer’s Weekly Groovecast Garage. In this segment Jon talks about the relevance of vintage, chrome plated, brass drum hoops. He discusses where you’d typically find them, ways to identify them, the potential benefits of using them and the resale value compared to steel hoops.

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